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Alava hospital school is a special education facility in Kuopio, Finland. We provide education for children staying in Kuopio University Hospital and Niuvanniemi Hospital.

School operates in five different locations.

Our school also supports all schools in the area and our consulting special needs teachers visit schools regularly.

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Keihäskatu 1-3, 70620 Kuopio

The students in the Alavan unit primarily consist of children´s and young people from the children’s psychiatric departments of the Alava hospital. In addition policlinical student at our school in periods of few weeks. One type of support is also for students who do not go to school.

The aim of the unit is to ensure the pupil’s studies at school during the hospital periods, make observations and support the pupil’s return to their own schools.

Support for children’s schooling

For policlinical students the aim is to work with their own school, family, care and consultation teaching. They all operate together  to find the best support or solution with the challenging stages of the student’s school path.

In addition the aim is to support schooling and returning to school of young people who have not attended school or have a lot of absences (hybrid students).

Consultation services 

Alava Hospital School offers guidance and consultation services to schools in our region. Hospital pedagogical consultation is a form of support for demanding special support. 

The aim of hospital pedagogical consultation is to support the pupil’s abbility to attend school. We cooperation with the pupil’s home, school and care provider.  

The consultation also aims to support the work of teachers and other adults in mainstreem schools.  

The content and time of the consultation are always agreed on a case-by-case basis. The consultation may include observation, guidance on special arrangements for schooling. We offer different kind of education in our region.  

We also have two school assistents who can go to mainstream schools to support or show how to work with specialneeds students.


Puijonsarventie 60, 70260 Kuopio

Julkula school unit is located in Kuopio, Julkula psychiatric hospital, which is part of Kuopio University Hospital.

Our students come from Julkula psyciathric hospital research- and treatment departments as well as from youth psychiatric polyclinic.

Teaching is provided in every school subject, that Finnish national curriculum has to offer.

For our polyclinical students we also arrange afternoon activies after school day.

Activity is provided by our school assistants and main idea threre is to practice life skills.

Support for youngsters life and school skills

As a hospital school we plan curriculum with students homeschool. Main idea is to build intense bridge between hospital school and students own school, that whenever student gets back for his or her own school, its easy as possible. That is why our students uses same schoolmaterial what their homeschools are using.

Teaching in hospital school is practical and it´s main idea is to rehabilite student.

When student leaves hospital school for another teaching unit or for homeschool it is done with intense cooperation with receiving school.

Hospital school takes note for any personal need students might have – somatic or psyciathric condition, learning abilities and problems that are related for the treatment student is having.


Niuvankuja 65, 70240 Kuopio

The unit’s pupils are children and adolescents of school age who are in long-term hospital care. The staff consists of two special needs education teachers and a school assistant.

At the beginning of the hospital school period, the teacher contacts the pupil’s guardian. The content and scope of schoolwork are planned individually, taking into account the pupil’s learning conditions and state of health.

In addition to the contents of comprehensive school, an important goal of school work is to maintain the pupil’s readiness to attend school and to practice classroom work skills. Teaching is provided as individual or small group teaching.

During the transition phase, the hospital school and the pupil’s own school work together. Cooperation with the pupil’s own school intensifies when drawing up pedagogical documents. Every pupil retains a school place in their municipality of residence. Certificates are also written in the name of your own school.


Puijonlaaksontie 2, 70210 Kuopio

Bedside teaching is provided in  children’s wards

When children are in the ward, they study at the hospital school according to their condition.  

School is mostly bedside teaching in the patient room.

The teaching takes into account the pupil´s  state of health, treatment measures and rehabilitation. Suitable times for teaching are planned together with the nursing staff.

Support for children´s shooling

The aim is to follow the pupil´s own curriculum in teaching. The pupils have their own books. The hospital shool teacher is in contact with the pupils´s own shool with the permission of the guardian. In the shool matters for students with long-term illnesses, the teacher often consults the pupil´s own school with the rehabilitation counsellor of the hospital. At that time, the support measures needed by the pupil can be discussed together. Hospital school support the pupil´s return back to own school.


Niuvankuja 65, 70240 Kuopio

The OTE class is intended for students who are unable to attend their own school.
The students are 13-16 years old, 7-9 graders.
The students are from Kuopio or young people placed in Kuopio. The main goal is the students’ success in going to school and progress in their studies, as well as finding a further study path.
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